Get involved. New members always welcome !

Do you want someone to recommend a craftsman ? Do you want to advertise your own business ? Do you have stuff to sell/give away ? Have you seen a burglar in your street ? Have you lost/found a pet cat/dog. Are you looking for a job ?    THE HUB IS HERE TO HELP !   JOIN TODAY.
If you have any questions just email us

The Hub consists of three arms. This website, round robin email ( using Googlegroups ) and a Facebook page. Any member can easily email the whole group by sending it out through the hub's email address. All you need to join the Hub is an email address. For those residents without email who would like to belong, we do hold a list of their addresses and send round a paper newsletter a couple of times a year. We also try to alert them in the event of trouble in the area such as a spate of burglaries, untrustworthy door to door salemen in the area and suchlike.

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Heathwood Gardens Street Party - 2012